Super Dash Endless Runner Turns Thumper Into an Endless Runner on Android

Super Dash - Endless Runner is the all new runner game fit with exciting visuals and some pretty sick music!

Super Dash Endless Runner Turns Thumper Into an Endless Runner on Android
The image is a sleek black background with 4 models of futuristic cars from the Super Dash game. They are lined up vertically and from left to right we see a flashy gold, purple, turquoise, red, and finally black vehicle. Behind the cars is repeating text of grey fading to black which says "collect all cars"

Super Dash your way into this news where I get to introduce the new speedy game, Super Dash Endless Runner! These games are always ignited with so much adrenaline and passion to top your previous high score, which this game perfectly delivers on. 

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Infused with high-beat music and smooth, catchy visuals, Super Dash – Endless Runner brings back the adored speed-style game with a fresh take entirely. Race through intense and colourful levels packed with interesting backgrounds to accompany you on your high-speed endeavor. 

You can unlock flashy and unique vehicles using gems that you collect during your runs. These interesting cars look like the perfect fusion of something intergalactic and something Earth-bound and sporty. The 3D style of this platform game and its designs really make each level feel elevated and immersive.

Swipe til’ your fingers bleed!

This game truly pushes your reflexes of hand-eye coordination. Frankly, I have none, but I was always a huge fan of games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers. Super Dash Endless Runner feels like if Geometry Dash and Subway Surfers had a child to be honest! The game certainly feels inspired by games like Geo Dash with its catchy tunes!

Oddly enough, this game comes with some lore despite its simplicity! So whilst you can get ahead and race right in, you can also learn why you’re in such a rush. You are racing to escape city traffic, navigating through roads and obstacles to get home. (It must be Friday rush hour!). These runs will give you a leaderboard placement, so are you up for the challenge of seeing who speeds home the fastest?

Become A Pocket Racer!

Check out Super Dash on the Play Store now to get racing! There are plenty of captivating scenes to speed through so you’ll be sure to find something you like!

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