Long-Haul Flight On Your Itinerary? Here Is A Handbook On Overnight Flight Etiquette

From what to wear to dining finesse and onboard behaviour, here's your go-to guide to ensure you’re updated on the art of long-haul travel., Travel News News, Times Now

Long-Haul Flight On Your Itinerary? Here Is A Handbook On Overnight Flight Etiquette
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From mildly irritating seatmates to the fear of a health emergency, the perils of long-haul flights accompany the excitement of travelling in equal measure. If you're jetting off for a quick European vacation or prepping for your next business meeting across the seven seas, these nifty tricks will help you manage the stress of an endless overnight flight.

What to Wear

Sitting in one place for 19 hours is daunting, so comfortable clothes are a given. But comfort doesn't mean sacrificing style. Opt for stretchy, breathable fabrics that keep you snug during marathon sitting sessions. But skip the pyjamas; think athleisure. Layers are your in-flight fashion friend and can help you deal with changing temperatures inside the cabin and even when you’re out of it. Another tip includes wearing slip-on shoes to get through security lines quickly. Additionally, do bear in mind the culture of your destination; research local dress norms and pack a carry-on if you’d like to change mid-flight.

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Dining Etiquette

It is essential to bear in mind the comfort of your fellow passengers, so save the savoury snacks for your post-flight feast. Strong-smelling foods can turn your seat into a less-than-pleasant dining locale for your neighbours. Additionally, if you have special dietary needs, notify the airline in advance.

Behaviour Onboard

Long-haul and overnight flights require patience and compromise. You’ll be tempted to recline your seat, but be mindful of your fellow passengers, especially during mealtime. Also, whether you're jamming out or catching up on podcasts, please keep it to yourself—headphones on, volume down. If you're a night owl, travellers are suggested to keep the entertainment low-key to let others catch their sleep in peace.

You might also be tempted to spread out if you see a spare seat, but etiquettes dictate that you must ask the cabin crew before claiming any empty seats for your own. There have been enough hassles of late over seat swapping, so book your tickets in advance if you have preferences.

Hygiene Habits

This is as much for your fellow passengers as you. Pack a mini toiletry kit for a mid-flight refresh. Toothbrush and toothpaste are essentials–and don't forget the importance of subtlety with scented products. In a post-pandemic world, hand sanitisers are another essential add-on to your kit.

Travel experts also suggest being mindful of others while using the restroom onboard; your nighttime skincare routine can be managed at the airport, and use the space in the plane only for freshening up.

Cabin Crew Connection

Listen up when the flight crew talks. They're ensuring your journey is safe and smooth. Being polite goes a long way to ensure that your trip will be comfortable, and the flight attendants will also be generous with their support lest you face any challenge.